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Seasoned Hardwood 1m3:


Matts logs offers Seasoned hardwood logs that have an average moisture content of under 20%. Seasoned ash is available making them ideal for open fires and wood burners. Your seasoned logs are delivered in vented bags which hold 1m3 of loose logs and can be stacked for a small fee. Two length of log are available at either; 9 or 13inchs. 100% British and are naturally air dried.





Seasoned Softwood 1m3:


Matt's Softwood mix is suitable for wood burners and open fires, although some softwoods can spit so fire guards are recommended. Softwood burners faster than hard wood but with a good heat. Average moisture content is under 20% and available in 9 inch logs



Quality Seasoned Hard and Softwood:

wood logs for sale
wood logs for sale


Large Bag of Kindling:

Matt's kindling is made from carpentry off cuts so is extremely dry and not treated with any chemicals. We recommend 1 bag of kindling to every bag of logs.





Matt's Best Deal 2m3:


Stock up on two cubic meters of hardwood to see you through the cold winter months and make a saving when you buy multiple bags. Further discounts are available if you buy more than 2 bags. 



Include a Big Bag of Kindling with your order for only £7

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Further discount for bulk orders!
Please call Matts logs on 07896313038 or email

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